Economic Development Administration

Since 1964, the U.S. Department of Commerce, through its Economic Development Administration (EDA), makes available planning grant opportunities to assist distressed communities to promote job creation, accelerate innovation and entreprenuership, advance regional competitiveness, generate private investments, and foritfy and grow industry clusters.

The EDA’s Planning and Technical Assistance Program allows the County of Imperial and its seven cities to develop the Imperial County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  The CEDS is an effort to encourage regional economic development plans that are designed to stimulate and guide the economic development efforts of the community.

In order to provide Imperial County with a realistic and viable development program for the orderly expansion of the area’s economy, it is essential for the County to maintain an updated version of the CEDS.  Each year, Imperial County Community & Economic Development (ICCED) applies for EDA funding to develop and update its CEDS. This year, the County of Imperial received $70,000 in funding from the EDA for this task.  To assist with the development of the CEDS, the County of Imperial established the Imperial County Overall Economic Development Commission (OEDC).  The OEDC is comprised of a combination of public and private sector representatives.  The primary objective of the OEDC thorugh its CEDS Committee is the preparation, coordination, and implementation of the CEDS.  

To accomplish this objective, the OEDC must accomplish the following tasks, which involve the collection of data, the evaluation and analysis of socio-economic factors, and other relevant information:

1)   To understand the present economic situation of the county;

2)   To identify potential development opportunities;

3)   To examine the actions required to realize the area’s potential;

4)   To select the most feasible project opportunities and implement the required actions.

More specifically, part of OEDC’s responsibility is the creation of a CEDS committee that prepares, receives, reviews, and prioritizes all potential Economic Development projects in the County. The CEDS committee must ascertain their appropriateness and validity for ultimate inclusion in the CEDS, based on the published guidelines from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. 


U.S Economic Development Administration

CEDS Notice of Public Comment Period

2019-2018 CEDS - Draft for 30-Day Comment Period

CEDS Comment Form


Approved CEDS Updates


2018 - 2023 CEDS (2022 Update) Approved by Board of Supervisors

2018-2023 CEDS Approved by Board of Supervisors

2016-2017 CEDS Approved by Board of Supervisors

2015-2016 CEDS Approved by Board of Supervisors

2014-2015 CEDS Approved by Board of Supervisors

2013-2014 CEDS Approved by Board of Supervisors

2012-2013 CEDS Approved by Board of Supervisors


Completed Studies


Imperial Valley Border Economic Impact Study

Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Study


OEDC: Agendas & Minutes


07-13-17 OEDC Agenda       

02-01-17 OEDC Agenda        02-01-17 OEDC Minutes

06-30-16 OEDC Agenda        06-30-16 OEDC Minutes


CEDS Agendas & Minutues


02-23-20 CEDS Agenda

02-26-19 CEDS Agenda

11-01-18 CEDS Agenda 

10-04-18-CEDS Agenda     10-04-18 CEDS Minutes

06-25-18 CEDS Agenda

05-21-18 CEDS Agenda

04-16-18 CEDS Agenda     04-16-18 CEDS Minutes

02-05-18 CEDS Agenda    02-05-18 CEDS Minutes

09-19-17 CEDS Agenda    09-19-17 CEDS Minutes

06-26-17 CEDS Agenda    06-26-17 CEDS Minutes

06-19-17 CEDS Agenda    06-19-17 CEDS Minutes

06-12-17 CEDS Agenda    06-12-17 CEDS Minutes

05-15-17 CEDS Agenda    05-15-17 CEDS Minutes

04-03-17 CEDS Agenda    04-03-17 CEDS Minutes

03-20-17 CEDS Agenda    03-20-17 CEDS Minutes

02-16-17 CEDS Agenda    02-16-17 CEDS Minutes

07-21-16 CEDS Agenda    07-21-16 CEDS Minutes