Imperial County Parks & Recreation Projects

The Imperial County Parks and Recreation Division consists of seven primary parks; three of which have large bodies of water that are accessible to the public: Sunbeam Lake, Wiest Lake, and Palo Verde Park.  These parks have the capability of providing recreational activities for boating, fishing, water skiing, and jet skiing.    While there are some visitors who do visit these parks to partake in such activities, it is the goal of the County to make these activities more accessible and safe for the public.   

The Imperial County Parks and Recreation Division is overseen by Imperial County Department of Public Works.  For inquiries, reservations, or information about County parks, please contact Imperial County Department of Public Works at (442) 265-1823.

Project Funding Sources

The California Department of Parks & Recreation, Division of Boating & Waterways (DBW) offers a Boat Launching Facility Grant, in which local public agencies can submit applications for the planning, designing, renovation, and/or construction of boat launching ramps and facilities.  The County has, thus far, submitted applications for the improvement of two current boat launching facilities. 

The California Department of Housing and Community Development, Division of Housing Policy Development offers a Housing-Related Parks (HRP) Program grant which awards grants for park and/or recreational facility proejcts based on affordable housing.

Current Projects:

  • DBW project: Sunbeam Lake Boat Launching Facility
      • (photos above: Sunbeam Lake Boat Launching Facility sign, boat ramp, parking facility, restrooms)
  • DBW project: Wiest Lake Boat Launching Facility
    • Designs in progress
  • HRP project: Seeley Commuinty Park Improvements