Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The California Department of Housing and Community Development under the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) provide funding opportunities to Counties with fewer than 200,000 residents in unincorporated areas. The objective of the program is to assist communities to provide housing, community development, and public service activities. The County of Imperial through competitive grant applications continuously seeks funding to provide programs such as Housing Rehabilitation, Improvement of Public Facilities, Public Service Projects, Public Works Projects, and Planning and Evaluation Studies.

County of Imperial Current CDBG Projects:

  • Palo Verde Water System Improvements
  • Seeley Housing Rehabilitation
  • Seeley Wastewater Improvements
  • Winterhaven Wastewater Improvements
  • Bombay Beach Cleanup
  • Niland Cleanup
  • Heber Community  Center

Neghborhood Cleanups

In November 2014 and February 2015, Imperial County Community & Economic Development contracted with Republic Services (Allied Waste) to conduct two community cleanup activities with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds in the unincorporated communities of Bombay Beach and Niland.  The projects included several key components.  First, 40 cubic yard roll-off bins were set up at a centralized location in each community to allow residents to actively participate by disposing of their waste.  Second, there was a crew operating a dump trailer to assist senior citizens and disabled persons.  Third, with the assistance of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department, an inmate crew was tasked with clearing alleys, right of ways, and properties that were deemed a health and safety threat to the community.  Due to the scope and size of the project, it was also necessary to utilize a backhoe/front loader to assist with loading the bins.  Finally, a household hazardous waste disposal day was held on the Saturday of each event.

In total, 184 roll-off bins were filled during the cleanups.  The roll-off bins held 2,125,560 pounds.  In addition, a total of 1,840 tires were collected and removed from both communities.  Finally, with the assistance of Imperial County Environmental Health Services, funding was secured from the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC),  and approximately $23,494 of household hazardous waste was taken to a special facility to be properly disposed of. 

Neighborhood Cleanups Phase I & II

  Bombay Beach Niland Total
Bins 68 116 184
Pounds of Waste 871,240 1,254,320 2,125,560
Tires 473 1,367 1,840
Hazardous Waste $11,595 $11,899 $23,494

Bombay Beach and Niland Cleanups